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2013 Broadhead of Choice | The New Muzzy Trocar Review

Muzzy Trocar BroadheadAs I sit down to write this article, archery season is only 60 days away. It’s time to dial in my gear. I want to use these next few weeks to develop trust and confidence in my equipment.

Earlier this year, I purchased a new bow and have been shooting a lot to get comfortable with how it handles. Once I had everything in spec, I paper tuned and walk-back tuned the bow. Up to this point everything was going very well and I was pumped about my new rig. It was in the next step – broadhead tuning – when things fell apart.

Expandable Broadheads Should Expand.

Block Black ClassicI built my own arrow target a while back, and I love it. It’s huge (36″ x 36″) and after more than a thousand shots it’s still looking good. The only problem with my homemade target is that I can only shoot field tipped arrows into it. For broadheads, I use a Block Classic target. It works great at stopping broadheads and can take a lot of abuse over it’s lifetime.

My first arrow of the broadhead tuning session whipped through the air and buried into the target right where it was supposed to. The second and third broadhead tipped arrows performed equally as well. I set my bow down and began walking the 30 yards towards the target to assess any problems. I knelt down to look and was very pleased with how the arrows flew.

Last year, I used one of these same broadheads to take a nice doe at the end of archery season. I had broadhead tuned my last bow with them, and knew these to fly true with field tips. This year looked like it would be no different with all three arrows within the white dots of the target. For accuracy, they passed the test with an A+. It was what happened on the back side of the target that put a big fat “F” on them.

When I flipped the target over to unscrew the broadheads and pull my arrows, only 1 of the 3 had expanded. A 66% failure rate on expansion. If my foam target doesn’t provide enough friction to expand the head, I am not confident about shooting them at an animal! No way.

I was done. They found their way into a nearby trashcan and the hunt for a new broadhead for 2013 began that night.

What was I going to choose? I had plenty of time to do my homework and research my options. I started searching and pulling up articles and videos I had watched coming out of the ATA show back in January. I’m addicted to that kind of stuff. The ATA show is a place where all the archery industry gathers to reveal new products, technologies, offerings, partnerships, etc. It’s awesome, and I gorge myself.

It’s sort of like the county baking fair, and I’m the fat kid with his stretchy pants on during those 3 days every year

To say the least, I already had a short list in mind.

The 2013 Broadhead Short List.

muzzy trocar broadheads#1 – The Rage Hypodermic – Just released for 2013. In the past, I always had mixed emotions about Rage broadheads. I watched a video of Jarred from Whitetail Adrenaline miss a monster buck because a blade on his Rage popped out of place right before a shot. I’d also heard some guys saying they had penetration problems, yada yada. It looks like for 2013 the guys behind Rage listened to their customers and have perfected the design. I was very pleased with the idea behind this one, and wanted to try it out.

#2 – Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge – Randy Ulmer designed it huh? Sold! That’s about all it would take for me. Honestly, I probably think a little too highly of Randy Ulmer. But, if you spend a few minutes looking through picture after picture of his hunts you’ll understand. The guy is a master archer, an accomplished hunter, and I take his advice seriously. If he designed this head, then it must be worth a look. Add to Ulmer the fact that he teamed up with Trophy Taker and you have a guaranteed winner.

#3 – The Muzzy Trocar – The simple, effective, trusted Muzzy 3 blade got a facelift for 2013. It looked like muzzy had taken their popular MX-3 broadhead (which I have used to kill a few different animals) and upgraded it with a solid steel ferrule and offset blades.  Fixed blade broadheads are known for requiring specific tuning due to wind drift. The exposed head cuts into the air, effecting the vanes’ ability to control the arrow. With their new offset, Muzzy seems to have solved the fixed blade drift problem.

After looking at my three top pics, I decided to go with the Muzzy. Maybe it’s because the Muzzy 3 blade was the first broadhead I ever used and I’m sentimental. It might be because the Muzzy company is headquartered just 30 miles from my house and I like to support the local economy. It might just be because the muzzy’s were in stock. For whatever reason, I laid the credit card down and brought home a pack of the new Muzzy Trocar Broadheads.

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Pros: Things I Like About the New Muzzy Trocar.

Accuracy. It really does fly well. I had some Muzzy 3 blades a few years back that would drift on me. The new offset blade design on these Trocars seem to have eliminated that problem. I was able to shoot 50 yards with the same performance as a field point without any extra tuning. That’s saying a lot for a fixed blade broadhead. The .035 helical spin on the blades makes a big difference. Two thumbs up to Muzzy on true field point accuracy!

Muzzy Trocar Set Screw

Strength. The solid steel ferrule is beefy. When you spin one of these onto the end of your arrow, you instantly feel a little more like Rambo than you did a few seconds prior. I suspect these will hold up to multiple seasons worth of abuse if properly cleaned.

Thick Blades. These are seriously thick blades. They are a big improvement over the standard Muzzy 3 blade version. After more than a dozen shots into my block target, and one into some dirt, the blades still look great and are holding an edge. Thicker and with a 1 & 3/16″ cutting diameter, the new blades are a win!

Quality. Anyone who picks up one of these new Trocar Broadheads is going to feel the quality immediately. The fit and finish on the machining and construction is top notch. There is no denying the quality Muzzy is putting into these, and as a customer I appreciate it.

Cartersville, GA. I can’t help but love that Muzzy is located just a short 30 minute drive from my house. It always feels good to support the local economy, especially with other bowhunters. There are several good products coming out of Georgia nowdays. I might be shooting an all-Georgia rig before I know it.

Cons: Where the Trocar is Lacking.

Set Screw. I have a lot of allen wrenches. A lot. Too many, really. I even have a precision set of tiny ones. And even I, with all my allen wrenched wealth, do not have an allen wrench small enough to remove the set screw for the blades on the Muzzy Trocars. A small one included in the packaging would be a nice touch. After I buried the head into the dirt, and was trying to clean it, this tiny screw became a problem.

Blades. Although the Trocar appears to have replaceable blades, I’m not sure it does. I do not see replacement blades listed anywhere on the internet, nor on Muzzy’s site. The set screw is tiny and perhaps they do not provide a wrench because they do not intend for it to be removed. Replaceable blades is a trademark of the Muzzy design and I can’t imagine they would waver from that now. Hopefully as more of these are sold, the replacement blades will be more readily available.

Muzzy trocar vs mx3

Conclusion: The Muzzy Trocar is a Winner!

I am pleased with the new Trocar broadheads from Muzzy. They have upped their game this year and I’m excited to see what else they have coming down the pipe. Stay tuned to RusticMan during deer season and look for updates on how the new Trocar preforms!

Do you have any questions about the Trocar that I didn’t answer? Post it in the comments below and I will do my best to help! 

What broadhead are you using this year?

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  • Aznealz

    Thorough and thoughtful Aaron. I’ve never completely trusted mechanical or expandable broadheads either. Always a grain of doubt on their reliability in that final moment of truth. I just feel more confident with fixed or one piece. Thanks.

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks bud! I agree, there is something re-assuring about the exposed razor, I must say!

      • Jarrod

        I have been shooting the Muzzy Trocars this year and i will agree, they are legit. Feild point flight, very good penetration and if you want a little added performance get the deep 6 Trocars and put them on the front of the Easton Deep 6 Injection arrows and you will be very impressed.

        • Aaron Farley

          I’ve been looking at those deep six arrows for a while. I always hesitated because of the limited number of broadheads available. Since I’m shooting the Trocar anyway, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the deep 6 line. Although – I must say it’ll be hard to put down my Gold Tip XT Hunters – excellent arrows.

  • Mark Kenyon

    Great review Aaron. This is the broadhead I’ve been eyeing all year, as I need to switch to a fixed blade for my elk hunting trip. Your review confirms what I’ve been thinking – it looks like the Trocar is a winner!

    • Aaron Farley

      I was very impressed. Super solid, you’ll be pleased.

  • http://www.HighCountryBowhunter.com/ Dustin Jones

    Very in depth review Aaron, great job. I shot Muzzy for years and loved them. I can’t wait to see one of these Trocars with some deer hair and blood on it from you in the near future!

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks Dustin, me too! I’ll have to update with pics!

    • http://www.archeryretail.com/ William

      I am agree.

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  • Brian

    I shoot a 53# Halo 28.5 draw bow . I have been shooting rage 2 blade with no problem .But I going to hunt with a outfitter that will only allow fixed blades . I had trouble with muzzy 3 blade in the past . I am thinking about buying the new Muzzy Trocar. Iam worried about my low pound bow being able to use a 3 fixed blade.

    • Aaron Farley

      Hey Brian,

      Honestly, with the efficiency of modern compound bows, I think you may be surprised at how well that fixed blade would do. I recently watched an episode of Easton Bowhunting TV (http://fredeichler.com/eastonbowhuntingtv/index.php/about-fred/appearances/8-singles/2-welcome-to-easton-bowhunting-tv) Where MIchelle Eichler shot through a bear with a 40 something pound bow and a 75 grain fixed broadhead. You can always do some penetration tests into a broadhead target and see how well you think it is performing. The Trocar is an excellent broadhead and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

  • Greg Roddy

    I just ran across this article and like you after very little debate also decided to go with the new trocars from muzzy as I have shot muzzy broadheads for many a deer season over my 25 years of hunting. My question to you is did you ever find out what size allen wrench is used for these broadheads. I even contacted muzzy and was unable to find someone who could tell me the correct size of wrench to use. If you have had any luck with this please let me know.

    • Aaron Farley

      Greg, I have not. I even got out my full bench set and my precision set and none of them fit it either. It’s something tiny…I’m guessing like eyeglass sized or something. I plan on going to home depot this weekend and getting a few tools for my bow kit for this season and I’ll be looking for a very tiny set. If I am able to find one, I’ll definitely update.

  • Greg Roddy

    Yes, please keep me in mind if you find the correct size. I always start the season with fresh blades in my broadheads after a summer of practice and if I can’t find a way to replace these blades I am gonna have to either buy new trocars or go back to last seasons heads.

  • Greg Roddy

    So I finally reached someone at Muzzy that had the info we need and I found out that the allen wrench for blade removal is a .035 wrench. I know you said you were going to Home Depot this weekend to try and find a wrench but I can almost guaranty they won’t have one that small there and it will probably be something we need to find online. I’m going to check e-bay first and see what I can find. Also, they said that the replacement blades are sold through Muzzy for 17.99 for a pack of 9 but he said they are in major backorder right now but they should be available soon. Let me know how you make out trying to find the correct wrench.

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks for sharing that info with us Greg. I actually stopped by HD tonight and the smallest I could find was a .05 – nothing doing. You’re right, we’ll probably have to order that small online somewhere. That’s great that Muzzy got back with you. I’ve always heard good things about their Customer Service and I’m glad they were able to help. Hopefully those replacement blades will be available online soon, and I can get some coming. The more I shoot this broadhead, the more I like it. It’s flying just like my field points out to 60…incredible.

  • Greg Roddy

    Aaron, I found the wrenches on e-bay for a couple bucks a piece so I ended up ordering a few just so I had spares if needed. I will keep an eye out for the replacement blades and I will let you know when I am able to find them.

  • Greg Roddy

    I found the blades. Cabela’s carries them for $17.99 for a pack of 9.

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks Greg! You’ve added a lot of value to this post, I appreciate you sharing all the info with our audience. I also found the blades at Lancaster Archery’s website. The wrench, I’m ordering through Amazon. Thanks again! Make sure to share a pic with me when you put those broadheads to good use.

  • Greg Roddy

    Will do.

  • Greg Roddy

    I just popped in my replacement blades and there are a couple of things you need to know. Leave each blade loose because if you tighten down the screw you won’t be able to get the next blade in and then once all three are in then go back through and tighten each one down. Also, hopefully you have better luck than I did with the screws because these screws round out REALLY easily. I love muzzy products but I have to say I think they really dropped the ball on this broadhead. I love the actual design of the broadhead but the mounting of the blades I think leaves alot to be desired. I have two broadheads that the screws rounded out on to the point I can’t even get the screw to come out on so once those broadheads are used they are gonna have to be used for just practice since I won’t be able to replace the blades. I hate to say it but I won’t use these heads next year. I’m gonna go ahead and use them for this season since I’m all tuned up with these heads but I’m gonna start looking again for next season. As I said I hope you have better luck than I did so let me know how you make out with swapping your blades.

    • Aaron Farley

      I hate to hear that Greg. I just received my mini hex wrenches from Amazon and they worked well removing the allen screw. Perhaps you had a set from a bad run?

  • Greg Roddy

    Just as an added note if you find your of the same opinion as I am about these heads send me an email at gregaroddy@gmail.com because I want to tell you about another head I found out about that you may want to look at.

  • Aaron Farley

    UPDATE: It looks like Cabela’s has the replacement blades in stock, and they come with an allen wrench and extra set screws! I already have mine on order. You can see them here: http://bit.ly/14rHq6S

  • Brian

    Aaron I just got done shooting my bow using 3 different 100grain fixed blade broadheads . G5 montec muzzy4 blade and muzzy trocar . I shot at 20 yards though 3/4 inch chip board . I was amazed that the trocar past through the board with no problem . The muzzy 4 blade didn’t go through the board everytime like the trocar did . But it shot well. The G5 montec was the worst by far . I shot each broadhead 12 times. The montec never past through once. So I well be shooting trocar for this hunting season. I don’t care if I can replace the blades I want the best broardhead Ican get . I think I found it . thankyou for your advice and GOD BLESS .

    • Aaron Farley

      You won’t be sorry Brian, the more I shoot these the more I love them! I love them so much – I think we’re about to give some away free here on RusticMan.com…stay tuned!

  • Buck

    Great review, thanks for the insight. Looking to upgrade my broadheads this season. Whats the difference between the Muzzy Trocar and the Muzzy Trocar Deep Six?

    • Aaron Farley

      Hey Buck, good question. The deep six broadheads are made for use with Easton’s deep six inserts on micro diameter arrows. They have a smaller shaft and threading than standard arrows/broadheads.

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  • Rob

    Opps, I see you already posted about the blades. Well next time I’ll read all the comments first.

    • Aaron Farley

      Hey Rob, thanks for sharing anyway! I appreciate you looking out for us.

      • http://www.archeryretail.com/ William


  • Zach Adams

    Bought these BH’s after seeing this review. They helped me take my first deer this past saturday on opening day in TN. With the combo of these and a lung shot, the deer didn’t make it far. Thanks for the great review

    • Aaron Farley

      Zach – Contratulations man! Opening day sucess is so sweet. I’m glad you were able to put the Trocar’s to good use and that our review was helpful. Hope you get several more with them this year.

  • Vieuphoria

    Nice thanks ..just what I was looking for. Not sure if I’ll go with the Trocar but Im definitely throwing my rage blades in the trash, after tracking a monster last year for a mile and didnt find him and missing another this year I started to do a few tests myself. The practice 2 blade they give you flies a lot different then the actually double killing blade. At 20 yards yeah its close enough, once you push 30 and 40 forget about it. So I went as far as just practising with the actual killing tips again I was all over the target at 30 and 40 yards. Never made a bad shot in 20 years bow hunting and I have made 2 in 12 months and I figured out why.

  • Bigstick

    Nice write up, I was reading your review and noticed that Muzzy is in Cartersville, GA. I recently moved here from Washington State and a quick glance at Google Earth shows it being 30 minutes from MY house as well. Small world.

  • http://www.archeryretail.com/ William

    This is best for compound bow and best content this site.

  • http://www.archeryretail.com/ William

    Thanks for sharing this site.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the advise. This will be my first bow hunt and little intimidated with all the different products. This Trocar looks small and inferior to a lot of different broad heads on the self, however, your article along with another comparison article gave me the confidence to pick up the Trocar and go hit the woods.

  • MN denizen

    Since i recently had my muzzy broadhead blades stolen (along with the rest of my fixit kit) while at an outdoor public range, I am wondering if i should just get more of the classic blades or try the trocar? What is your opinion on the classic blades? Also, have you seen this article on arrow penetration? It seems to imply that fixed blades are the way to go all the time: http://cpw.state.co.us/documents/hunting/ehu/momentum-kineticenergy-arrowpenetration.pdf

    • Aaron Farley

      Man, I hate to hear about that getting stolen! Chumps!

      If I had to pick between the two – I like the Trocar better because of how sturdy, thick, and compact it is. However, I’d guess it doesn’t penetrate as well as the MX-3 or the standard Muzzy heads due to the decreased blade angle on the Trocar.

      In general, a fixed blade will penetrate better than a open-on-contact mechanical. However, there are some mechanical broadheads with small entry blades that open into huge cutting blades once inside the animal (swhacker, ulmer edge, etc). Those small entry blades give less resistance to entry than the fixed blades do, and then once inside the cutting blades open and are virgin sharp to cut through organs like warn butter with less resistance than hide and bone. I’ve read some research on these types of mechanicals that penetrate better into ballistics gel with hide/ribs on each side trying to mimic an animal.

      That said – there’s probably more to do with confidence, and whatever flies well for you. no two broadheads will strike the same way every time.

      Great comment MN denizen – thanks!

  • Rob

    I’m only finding the Muzzy Trocar’s in 125 grain for crossbows and 100’s for compounds. I’m relatively new to the bow hunting world and have been told by a few of my much more experienced hunting buddies to get a 125 grain broadhead due to my 62+ lbs draw to increase the kinetic energy with impact. I’ve looked at the reviews and specs and sounds like the Trocar 125’s for crossbow can’t transfer over to compound shafts. I’ve been looking at the classic version Muzzy and thinking that may be my next best option to get the 125 grain in. (I’ve been using 125 grain field points for my field practice) What are your thought’s on this?

    • Aaron Farley

      Hey Rob,
      I’m not sure on using the crossbow broadheads in a standard compound bow carbon arrow insert. However, I wouldn’t be worried about using a 100 grain broadhead at all. I shoot 60 lbs and 100 grain heads and have no trouble getting pass through shots. Most modern compound bows today at 60 are producing more energy than 70+ lb bows were a decade ago. However, if you’re sighted in and using the 125 grain field points, then I’d recommend sticking with that as long as you like, just so you don’t have to worry with re-sighting everything in. A 125 gr broadhead is certainly nice, but by no means a required feature.

  • Jesse

    It looks to me that the trocar is set up to spin the opposite way of most Fletching(causing it to unscrew upon impact). is this the case?

    • Aaron Farley

      Hey Jesse, I haven’t had any problem with it unscrewing on impact. It’s threaded the same as any broadhead, and that should keep it seated during flight and impact. Even if the blades had a reverse spin shape, the I believe the flethcing would take control.

  • Dwight

    Jackie Bushman stated he harvested his big grizzly with a trocar muzzy. Do you know what grain that might be and I’m sure it was the 4 blade broadhead.

  • dom

    I shoot a Barnett jackal, 20inch bolts with the muzzy 3 blade 125 grain broadhead. Would the trocar crossbow broadhead be a better choice?

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