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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Father's Day  Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen

Sure. He might say he  likes the tie. But he’s lying.

It’s coming you know? Father’s day? It’s less than two weeks away on Sunday June 15.  And now’s the time to do something about it. Instead of grabbing the last Hawaiian print tie on the rack because you didn’t stop to get him something until you were on the way over for Father’s day lunch, let’s plan this year.

Now, I’m going to assume you’re like me. Your dad probably already has everything you’d want to get him, you’re out of ideas, and you don’t want to blow it again this year. So I’ve been keeping a list of very helpful, good gifts that any outdoorsman would be tickled to have.

The bottom line? If you want to see that big burly man in your life light up like an 8 year old on Christmas morning – try these gift ideas:

UNDER $20: “Because, I love you, but I am broke and don’t want to dip into my TacoBell fund.”


The Streamlight Microstream – This is my absolute favorite little flashlight of all time. It’s insanely bright and tiny enough to fit into your pocket without noticing it. I like that it has a momentary on feature when you are fumbling around your tent at night and just need a quick flicker of light to make sure it was your boot lace that fell across your foot and not a pit-viper. It also has a very handy 2-way clip that I use to mount it onto the bill of my had when I’m working/walking through the woods. A great, solid way to give a gift under $20 and make Dad happy as the same time!


Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter – If your Dad reads, ever, even just a little, he’ll love this book. It’s a great way to get a taste of adventure without ever leaving his recliner. Rinella is witty, entertaining, very easy to read and even sneaks in some educational bits along the way. One of my favorite books, hands down. I’m sure you’re outdoorsman would love it too.

Upgrade: If you want to take this gift up to the next level, you can also order DVD’s of Rinella’s  TV show “Steven Rinella:MeatEater” from their website right here.



Hunt, Gather, Cook – Another book? I know. But this one is as much a primer on cooking wild game as it is a book for reading. Hank Shaw shares tales of hunts, tips on procuring the right ingredients, and lessons on cooking wild foods. If your dad has any desire to fire up the grill, or  fancy’s himself a cook, this is a great gift idea.

If your dad is the culinary type, it might be a good idea to turn him onto Hank’s website while you’re at it. It’s full of useful tips and info. It’s called Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and you can find it at honest-food.net .


UNDER $50: “Let’s make sure this years gift doesn’t wind up in the bottom of a junk-drawer.”


Jackery Bar Phone Charger – If your dad has moved out of his flip phone stage, and into the era of the smart phone, he’ll really appreciate this. I have one and carry it with me hunting every time I head out. It’ll give my iPhone over 3 full charges! It works great in emergencies, or when you’re just trying not to lose your battery after texting everyone he knows a pic of that “huge” fish from the lake last weekend. If Dad has a phone, and likes to be away from electrical outlets – he’ll love this.


Havalon Kinves – My Havalon is probably the best $40 I’ve spent on hunting gear in my entire life. It makes skinning game a breeze and fighting a dull knife a thing of the past.In all seriousness, there are a very few things I make sure are on me 24/7 when I’m hunting and my Havalon is one of them. You might want to just go ahead and order two so you’ll have one for yourself as well.

Upgrade: If you’re feeling especially generous, you can add on a pack of extra replaceable blades and he’ll be set for a while – unless he’s really lucky, in which case the jerk can buy his own blades.



Merino Compression Socks from First Lite –  It goes against the cliche’ – Socks? Really? But these are not ordinary socks. From hiking through steep slopes in the backcountry, to creeping through the timber sill hunting the eastern timber, these are my go-to hunting socks. The compression fit combined with the incredible attributes of merino wool are just too good to pass up. You can pick up 2 pair of these babies for less than $50 on First Lite’s website and your dad’s rough old-man feet will be glad you did!


UNDER $100: “For when it’s time to start taking this seriously. After all – he did pay for everything most of your life.”


Merino Wool Layers from First Lite – If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know I’m a huge believer  in the Merino Wool layering system the guys over at First Lite are putting out. The benefits of the odor control throughout the hunting season, warmth-to-weight ration, thermal regulation, shooter’s cut fit, and quality of First Lite products makes this a no brainer for any outdoorsman. I’d recommend starting him out with the Llano Crew and Allegheny Bottoms, each can be had for under $100 and will serve him well for years.



TeamHUNT maps from onXmaps – If adventure is in the cards at all, I’d highly recommend these maps from onXmaps. They not only work with your GPS, Phone app, or computer to help you find areas to hunt and navigate, they also provide property boundaries and important information while in the field. Knowing when not to cross the line (so to speak) is very helpful for anyone tracking animals, floating streams, or exploring trails. Stay safe and navigate smart for father’s day with your dad’s state map from Team Hunt maps!


Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener – Knives, tools, those impossible-to-sharpen gut hooks, your dad can put an edge on anything in seconds with this incredible little machine. With multiple grit options, angle guides, and configurations make this gadget very versatile and helpful around the mancave or garage. I promise, your Dad will have his buddies bringing their knives down to the basement while he’s bragging about this new gift his favorite kid gave him for father’s day.  


OVER $100: “Yeah, that’s right. I’m an adult!”


YETI Tundra Coolers – Where to start…If you’re dad has ever seen a YETI, or heard about a YETI, or ever used a cooler – he wants one of these. Trust me. The original grizzly proof cooler (yeah, that’s right) is a fail safe gift for any outdoorsman. Pretty much indestructible and always reliable it’s a bench, cutting board, step stool, jack stand, casting deck, meat hauler, live well, and 7 day cooler all-in-one. You can’t go wrong with a YETI. So durable, you’ll probably even inherit it one day.



Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack System – A solid pack, that’s super adaptable, and has tons of great features built right in. The external frame has a load shelf and a detachable main bag, there’s not much dad can’t rig up and carry on this one. This may not be the perfect gift for every Dad, but for those who know the difference – they’ll be drooling over this father’s day treasure. Check out the Outdoorsman’s website for more info, and make your Dad’s day with this best-in-class pack!


Garmin Oregon 450 GPS – I’ve been using this GPS for a couple years and absolutely love it. The touch screen is easy to use, the maps are displayed in great detail and the battery life is incredible. When I combine this GPS with my TeamHUNT map I can see the property boundaries where I hunt, as well as keep track of my truck or a downed deer the whole time. One of my favorite pieces of kit, it stays clipped to the shoulder strap on my pack all the time. It’s the kind of thing Dad won’t use everyday, but when he does – he’ll be thanking God you gave it to him!




Well there you have it folks. I hope that was helpful! Make sure to drop a comment below if you have a question about any of these items. If you can think of a show stopper I forgot to add to the list, please share that too! Here’s to a great Father’s Day, and ditching the ties and socks – unless they’re merino compression socks ;-)!

**Where it was possible, I linked to Amazon in the items listed above. There are 2 reasons for that:
#1 – Amazon can deliver in  1-2 days on most items and that might just save your butt if you’re letting time slip away.
#2 – When you purchase anything through one of those links, a portion of the sale actually goes back to us here at RusticMan to help support the cause – and we really appreciate that!

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