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Inside ATA 2014 – Bowtech | RPM 360 & Carbon Overdrive

(Scroll to the bottom for a video of the unveiling)ATA-2014-bowtech

BowTech is the only major bow manufacturer to hold their  flagship model release until the ATA every year. This year, that reveal brought TWO new bows from the guys at BowTech. A good crowd gathered around the BowTech booth as soon as the doors to the show opened.


Jim Shockey served as the host for the unveiling along with the guys from Heartland Bowhunter and Jim Burnworth. Last year the new BowTech rode out on a Harley and the show attendees were met with impromptu tattoos. This year, they kept things a little simpler and got right to business unveiling the new bows. 


Before they could share the goods with everyone, Tyler Farr sang a couple songs and cracked us up with his country wit. A bowhunter himself, Farr seemed right at home on the BowTech ATA stage. After a few words about the entertainment value of shooting a 3D Deer target in a public setting while he travels on tour, he sang his hit song “Redneck Crazy”.


Then our hosts took the stage to talk about the new Carbon Overdrive and RPM 360 bows.


Both bows were a pleasure to shoot, but I must say the RPM 360 was a real delight. It will definitely be on my short list of bows to look at for 2014, no doubt.


There was BIG news that seemed to fly under the radar at the unveilling as everyone drooled over the new bows: BowTech and Excalibur have joined forces! You can read more about that in the press release here.


For full stats, pricing and more information on the new bows from BowTech, make sure to check the BowTech website. Trust me, that new RPM 360 is worth shooting.

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