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Preseason Giveaway!


Archery Deer season opener is just 16 days away here in Georgia. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

As summer has passed, I’ve been practicing and preparing hard for this day. Last year, I realized some holes in my gear system, and I’ve spent months trying to fix those gaps.  After lots of planning and re-working, I now have a gear list that I feel is as solid as I can get it for now.

In the process of developing, testing, researching, and selecting my hunting gear this year, I found some great products and some gimmicks. As I did my research, I was able to talk with several manufacturers to understand the features and benefits of what’s available in the hunting industry today. As a result, some products naturally rose to the top, while others were cut from the roster.

If you’re anything like me, you love your gear and wish you had more cash to devote towards upgrades. I understand, trust me! I spend most of my internet-surfing researching new developments, reading reviews, and watching videos about new hunting gear or tactics. I’m a gear junkie. A card carrying, certified, gear junkie. I love trying out a new piece of kit and am always ready to share what works with friends.

Now it’s your turn.

To celebrate the 2013 hunting season finally arriving this year, we’re hosting a PRE-SEASON GIVEAWAY here at RusticMan.com. We’ve worked with some product partners to give away a hunting day pack filled with some of our favorite gear. All together, it’s a package worth over $250!

What’s Up For Grabs:

Tenzing TZ1200 day pack

Item #1 – The Day Pack: Tenzing TZ1200 Lightweight Day Pack 

Finding a good, lightweight, durable day pack is a lot harder than it should be. I was looking for something that would hold a 2 liter water bladder, carry a small gear kit, and provide straps to secure shed outer layers in the heat of the day. Most of the bags I found were either so small I felt like I was carrying a purse, or they were overkill for what I needed.

I wanted something that was fitted enough it would hold my gear tight to by back, light enough to carry all day, big enough to keep my pockets empty while hunting, and small enough to leave me nimble in thick timber. The Tenzing TZ1200 fits the bill perfectly. I can’t wait to put this bag to good use in a couple weeks as season opens!

Our friends from Tenzing have partnered with is to give away one of their TZ1200 packs to our winner, BOOM!

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Item #2 – Broadheads: Muzzy Trocar 100gr Fixed Blade Broadheads

I haven’t been this impressed with a broadhead in a long time. I’ve shot Muzzy’s in the past and have always liked them. This year I’m going with the new Trocar from Muzzy as my broadhead of choice when it comes time to make the shot count. We posted a review of the new Trocar here, and it was one of our most popular posts this year. So, I won’t bother re-hashing how much I love it again here. Let me just say, I’m impressed.

Muzzy is located just 30 minutes from my house, so I have a natural leaning towards the hometown brand. It’s also close enough that I went went to pick up the Broadheads that they’ve donated to our giveaway in person. I got an inside look at the manufacturing facility and testing process when I stopped by. While I was there, I saw this:

muzzy trocar steel drum

Those are the holes left by the new Trocar when shot through a steel drum. The life of the broadhead  in this test is affected by the poundage of the bow and weight of the arrow. With an average hunting setup, testers are getting upwards of 50-60 shots through a steel drum before the Trocar shows signs of breaking down – Wow!

The folks at Muzzy have partnered with us to give away two packs of their new Trocar 100gr broadheads to our winner, SWEET!

Havalon Piranta Knife

Item #3 – Knife: Havalon Piranta-EDGE

If you’ve been coming around RusticMan.com for any amount of time, you probably already know I’m a huge fan of Havalon knives. I’ve been using their Piranta-EDGE as my main hunting knife for a couple years now. As part of a 3-knife system that I carry with me in my pack, my Havalon has worked well on everything from squirrels, to turkey, to deer.

With replaceable scalple-sharp blades, a bright orange handle, and extremely lightweight no hunting pack would be complete without a Havalon knife inside. After the shot, when things get real in the woods – I instinctively reach for that bright orange handle. I have converted most of my hunting buddies to using Havalon knives and they all love them as much as I do. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

The guys at Havalon have partnered with us to give away a Piranta-EDGE, your new favorite knife, to our winner, KA-CHING!


Bonus: StreamLight Microstream

To round out the giveaway, we’re throwing in some extra ‘swag’ and a few of our favorite items. Stuff like the StreamLight MicroStream. This little torch gets more use than any other single piece of kit I own. The reversible clip lets it be mounted as a head lamp on the bill of your cap, or as a shoulder light on your pack strap. It’s small enough to hide in my fist, but brighter than most flashlights 4 times it’s size. It works off easy to find AAA batteries and has great battery life. I promise, you’re going to love this little gem.

Enter To Win:

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a box where you can enter to win our Preseason Giveaway package. To enter, “like” our sponsors on Facebook, share about the giveaway on Twitter, or leave a comment on this article. There are multiple ways to enter, but each method can only be used once during the giveaway.

NOTE: The deadline to enter is midnight September 9th, and we’ll announce the winner right here on September 10th.  To win, contestants must be at least 18 years of age and  live in the lower 48 states, and have a standard post office shipping address.

Good Luck Everyone! 

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  • grew

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  • Henry Durand

    I’d love to have that pack, seems a great way to copmfortyable haul my stuff when I am out and about all day long.

    • Aaron Farley

      Tenzing is making some great products, it would serve you well!

  • Drew Dennis

    The knife would be the best part, although I could use it all. I stink at sharpening knives! :-)

  • Tom

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  • smccardell

    I would love to win the Tenzing backpack. Already have the Piranta and its awesome!

    • Aaron Farley

      That’s almost as good as winning – then you can make someone’s day at hunting camp with a new Havalon! Good Luck.

  • PDM

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  • TheWilltoHunt

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    What a great giveaway, i’m keeping my fingers crossed this rookie could use this bag of goodies for my first bow season.

    • Aaron Farley

      First bow season, YES! Good luck out there man, I’m sure you’ll have a great one. Can’t wait to read more about how things go for you bud.

      • Fshrmon

        Thanks so much Aaron — I’m really looking forward to it too.

  • Rob

    I would love to win this package! Quality products from quality companies!

  • Zach

    i hope i get lucky with this drawing and the hunting season approaching

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    No way I’d miss the opportunity to win a gear package like this. I love my muzzy’s and I’ve been looking for a new pack! Get me set up for archery season, Aaron!

    • Aaron Farley

      We’ll do what we can Brent! Good Luck.

  • s5592c

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    I’d love to have it all, but those broad heads would be awesome! I just bought my first crossbow and am looking to get my first deer. As a result, I don’t have a lot of gear so this would be great!

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    The Havalon is an amazing knife but I already have one so the Tenzing day pack would be a great prize to win. Could use it for scouting or for hunting at the farm when I don’t need to carry everything with me.

  • Dennis G

    The Havalon is what Im after! The idea of having changeable blades is ingenious. Never have to worry about losing an edge in the field.

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  • bd

    I carry a small light in my pocket everyday, but the tail switch is fiddly and is unreliable… I would love to take home the streamlight! Running a quality light on AAA is just the ticket for me.

    • Aaron Farley

      I agree, It’s amazing to me how hard it is to find a good small flashlight that runs on AAA.

  • http://www.HighCountryBowhunter.com/ High Country Bowhunter

    I definitely am excited about the Tenzing pack. I don’t have a good day pack and this would be sweet!

    • Aaron Farley

      I’ve been very impressed with the TZ1200 – my new favorite light duty pack for sure!

  • Zach Adams

    Definitely interested in the Havalon. Huge Meateater fan. First read his books then got into the show. So any fan of Steve needs a Havalon

  • Judy Mixon

    I could sure use the pack and the other cool toys. I currently use a bigger pack that can be really bulky most of the time.

    • Aaron Farley

      Using a smaller pack for day hunts has been one of the best things I’ve changed about my hunting gear. I’m sure you’d love it Judy.

  • Joshua DuBois

    I would be most excited by the pack. It would be great for archery hunting. It is lightweight and has just the right amount of space for my gear.

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