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#RusticBaby Giveaway

#RusticBaby giveaway


I know what you’re thinking – is that a picture of a pregnant lady, a question mark, and a knife? Yes. Yes it is. Here’s the deal…

Things are busy at the Farley house.

I don’t think we’ve been through such an exhausting season in our life. Among all the job transitions, house hunting, boy raising, good marriage pursuing, volunteering, consulting and business building – my wife is also pregnant with our 4th child!

It’s overwhelming at times, but big things are growing all around us (including Lauren’s belly) and we’re pumped about the future. She’s due on March 29th, but we don’t think she’ll make it.

Who Doesn’t Like Surprises?

We like to go old school with all our kids – we don’t find out what we’re having until they’re born. We did with all 3 of our boys and we’re doing it again with this one. I like to imagine how my grandpa’s generation would have carried on (or at least how TV says they did). They’d pace around the waiting room, two boxes of cigars sitting on the table; one pink, one blue. The whole idea is fun to us. We can’t imagine it any other way – who doesn’t like surprises?

The last 3 times, I ran (ok, it was more of a zombie like stumble) out to the waiting room and said “It’s a boy” to our waiting family … I wonder what it’ll be this time?

Let’s Celebrate, have a Cigar! Knife!

In honor of the new addition to our RusticMan family, it’s only right that I give everyone a manly cigar and we crack open a vintage bourbon. But, we can’t do that on the internet, cigars are bad for babies, and I’d go broke sending bottles of Kentucky firewater all over the world. So, here’s what we’ll do instead… I’m going to give away one of my favorite knives – the Havalon Piranta Edge – when our new baby is born! Awesome, right? I know. You’re welcome.

There’s Always a Catch.

It’s the good  ‘ol office pool style wager here. Every body gets one guess. You guess the date, and the gender of the baby for a chance to win. That’s it! We’re just going to do it using the old fashioned honor system too. Just be honest about it.

So how do you submit your guess? Good question. To enter a guess, you’re going to have to get on Twitter or Facebook.

On twitter, you can simply make your guess with the hashtag #RusticBaby. I’d recommend also tweeting to me so I don’t miss it – @rnfarley. So, for example…

“@exampletwitterhandle: Hey @rnfarley I think the #RusticBaby will be a girl on the 25th”

On Facebook, you can make your guess in the comments on THIS POST on our Facebook page.

It’s that simple.

What Happens When You Win?

Make sure to keep an eye on my twitter feed (you can see it in the sidebar of this page right now) and I’ll announce the date and gender when the baby gets here. Then, I’ll pilfer through all the entries and see who was closest. If there are multiple people who guessed the right gender, on the right date, I’ll pick a random winner among the entries. 

Thanks so much for celebrating with me! We’re so excited to meet the new little Farley, and I’m glad you’re here to share in the joy with us 😉

Cheers my friends, and good luck!
Aaron Farley

PS – I’m guessing a girl on the 23rd. 




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  • Angie Woods

    I am guessing the 26th and it will be a baby boy!

    • Aaron Farley

      Statistically – I’m not sure if the odds are greater of it being a boy because the other 3 are boys, or if it’s lower because the other 3 are boys…either way, I think the Boy is the safe bet! Good luck Angie!

  • greg m

    the 23rd an a boy

  • Wesley Levy

    Congrats on your 4th. My guess is the 26th and a girl. I already have one of those knives though – and they are pretty sweet.

  • christophersorel

    congrats and hoping for a healthy baby . Girls are fun but trouble

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks Christopher! I know!!!

  • Pamela Hall

    I say the 27th and a girl! Congratulations!

    • Aaron Farley

      Thanks Pamela – we’re excited!

  • Aaron Farley

    Apparently naming the new baby “Doctor Farley” is irresponsible.

    I think it would give the kid a leg up on life, but I digress.

    I’m still holding out for “Major General Farley”…

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  • http://northwoodsdork.blogspot.com/ Clint Rhode

    Congrats :) I know I tweeted it already but my guess is a girl on the 30th. I for one am glad that you are not finding out again. We did that with our daughter and doing the same thing with the little bundle that is set to arrive within the next month.

    • Aaron Farley

      Clint, congrats man! It is a lot of fun. I like doing things the classic way in a lot of non-comfort efecting ways 😉

  • David Ressler

    I guess a boy on the 30th. We never wanted to know either.

  • Aaron Futrell

    1st and girl.

  • Aaron Farley

    And the winner of the knife is Mark Kenyon with his guess on the Facebook post. Congrats man! Your Havalon is on the way!